Officers warn against fuel storage in garages


People who store fuel in their garages are being warned by police they may become victims of burglary as thefts of fuel increase.

On January 27, at 9.29am thieves broke into a compound on Fingle Drive, Stonebridge before breaking into 18 vehicles and siphoning fuel from the tanks, also damaging them in the process.

Officers are now concerned that homeowners are storing large amounts of fuel in their homes and garages to keep it safe from burglars, but endangering themselves in the process.

A spokesman for Bucks Fire and Rescue, said: “If at all possible people should not store large amounts of fuel in their homes or garages as this can been very dangerous if it were to catch alight.”

Detective Superintendent for Thames Valley Police, Barry Halliday said: “We’re aware that some residents in Milton Keynes are storing fuel in their garages for either personal use or to sell.

“Our local CID is currently investigating a series of fuel thefts and we are appealing to the public to provide any information which they might have about people storing large amounts of fuel in their garages.

“A further point which we would like to make with our partners at Buckingham Fire & Rescue, is that it’s extremely dangerous to store fuel in both your garage and in your home.”

Anyone with information regarding any crimes of this nature can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.