Official figures reveal the number of supernatural sightings in Buckinghamshire


Are you worried about werewolves? Petrified of poltergeists? Or mortified about monsters?

Well the Citizen can reveal the horrific history of Buckinghamshire, and the number of official reports of paranormal sightings in Buckinghamshire over the past 100 years.

Over the past century there have been 131 officially reports of paranormal sightings, making Bucks the 26th scariest county in England.

There have also been two official reports of vampire sightings in that time.

Across the country there have been 9,178 reports of paranormal sightings since 1914. This includes 4,149 ghosts, 2,411 road or river phantoms, 1,384 strange sounds, 900 animal ghosts, and 37 monsters or other mythical creatures.

Yorkshire is the most terrifying place to live (unless the 615 paranormal sightings is your sort of thing), while Yorks and Lancashire were joint-top for vampire sightings with 11 apiece (the equivalent of one every nine years or so in each county).

The study was commissioned to celebrate the premiere of new vampire-horror TV series The Strain.