Oh bollards to this traffic calming plan

Suzanne Harrington
Suzanne Harrington

Bollards erected in front of a driveway without warning have left a homeowner in a tight spot.

Suzanne Harrington returned home to find council workmen had dug holes in the ground and were installing the posts.

Despite her desperate pleas and several calls to MK Council, Mrs Harrington was told it was a “traffic calming initiative” to stop drivers using the road as a “rat run”.

The mum-of-five who lives in Station Road, Bow Brickhill, said: “It was like a mix between thinking it was a joke and then feeling absolute horror - incredulous is the word!

“When you live here you accept it can be extremely busy, but you still expect to be able to drive into your garage.

“At the moment I am not parking in there in case I get blocked in.”

Now Mrs Harrington says she worries for pedestrian’s safety as she and her neighbour are forced to manoeuvre around the bollards. She added: “If I am able to drive out of my garage I now have to watch that I don’t hit the shop next door, the bollards and any school children coming out from the blind corner.

“I have called the police because it is now an extremely dangerous situation. What a very merry Christmas from Milton Keynes Council.”

When asked if the council would reverse its decision and have the bollards removed, a spokesman said: “Our highways contractors have spoken twice to a resident of this property and the officer in charge of the works has discussed this measure with the parish council at length to explain why these bollards are being installed.“

Ward councillor Alice Bramall said: “On occasions common sense doesn’t seem to prevail. How the council ever saw it as a sensible place to put them I just don’t know.

“I have raised my concerns and hope this is sorted out as soon as possible.”