Old Bailey trial: Man ‘tried to sell sex with child to Bin Laden lookalike’


A man accused of trying to sell sex with a child to a man she says ‘looked like Osama Bin Laden’ appeared at the Old Bailey this week.

Asif Hussain, aged 33, of Rossal Place, Milton Keynes, faces three counts of multiple rape, three counts of multiple sex with a child and one count of arranging or facilitating child prostitution.

The court heard the girl visited Hussain for about four months while still wearing her school uniform, but fled from his home following a final terrifying experience.

The trial, which includes 11 other defendants is expected to take eight weeks.

On Monday prosecutor Oliver Saxby QC outlined the case against Hussain to a jury of 12 men and women.

The court heard the alleged victim, who is described as Woman A to protect her anonymity, was already being abused when she met Hussain.

Pakistani-born Hussain is said to have met Woman A outside an Aylesbury cinema.

They went into an alleyway by McDonald’s and began kissing, despite Woman A being aged 13 or 14.

Afterwards they continued to meet up for a period of around three or four months, with Hussain accused of having sex with Woman A in a number of different ways.

The prosecution says Hussain knew the age of Woman A as she used to visit him wearing her school uniform.

It was during this time that Woman A allegedly started drinking heavily. Hussain was said to be drinking a bottle of Southern Comfort a day which made him very depressed.

Mr Saxby said Woman A alleges the last time she saw Hussain was when he tried to sell her to a Pakistani man, who she thinks was aged between 60 and 70.

She says she had gone to Hussain’s flat, and he had sex with her, and afterwards said he wanted her to meet someone before she left.

The prosecution says Hussain then led her down to a basement flat where the older man was watching pornography. Mr Saxby said: “His flat was like a cellar. Asif Hussain told her that the man wanted to sleep with her and encouraged her to do so saying that the man had money. She got freaked out and ran off.”

The court heard when Hussain was arrested he gave a no comment interview, despite being told police had found his DNA on a mattress taken from Woman A’s home.

The prosecution says Woman A picked Hussain out in a formal ID procedure in September last year, as part of Thames Valley Police’s Operation Articulate investigation.

Hussain denies the charges. Case continues.

The case continues