Olney specialist nurse saved for another year

Sue Levitt with a patient
Sue Levitt with a patient

A SPECIALIST nurse for the elderly in Olney has been saved for another year after funding was provided by a town business.

The NHS cut funds for nurse Sue Levitt at the end of 2012, sparking concerns that ageing residents would be left to fend for themselves.

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Last year the service was saved thanks to a grant from Olney Town Council, but the problem raised its head again for 2013.

That was until Olney High Street accountants, The MPA Group, stepped into the breach.

Mrs Levitt provides a service for the aged community in and around Olney and takes a great deal of pressure off already pressed doctors and district nurses.

When her funding was cut in 2010, the Friends of Cobb’s Garden Surgery were asked to raise money to maintain the service.

A nebuliser provided by the Friends

A nebuliser provided by the Friends

The charity, which is run by patients whose aim is to fill the gap between the equipment the NHS provides and what the surgery actually needs, enlisted the help of Olney Town Council.

This year the group has enlisted the help of The MPA Group and directors Mike Price and Dave Pepper.

Mr Pepper said: “We have had to employ more staff and move to larger premises just to cope with the work load which is great news for us, but also great that we can employ locally based, skilled people.

“I feel it is important to help the community and ‘give back’ where you can, especially as both Mike and myself live locally.

“This is the reason we have linked up with The Friends of Cobbs Garden Surgery.

“The charity is so worth while and really does help the vulnerable in the area. We are just pleased that we can do something for them that really helps to make a difference.”

Since its inception in 1992, The Friends has raised more than £20,000 for equipment such as blood-pressure monitors, nebulisers and beds.

A play table has been provided for children in patient reception and some new higher chairs are on order for those with mobility problems.

Cobb’s Garden Surgery is based in West Street, Olney.

For more information about The Friends of Cobbs Garden Surgery people can visit www.cobbsgardensurgery.gpsurgery.net and follow the ‘More Pages’ link to The Friends.

For more information on The MPA Group go to www.thempagroup.co.uk


Top: Sue Levitt with a patient

Centre: A young patient with a play table provided by The Friends

Botton: A nebuliser provided by The Friends