Olney Town Council awarded £13,500 grant


Olney Town Council are pleased to announce the award of a grant of £13,500 to the Friends of Cobbs Garden Surgery.

The grant will be used to continue the funding for a specialist nurse for the elderly for the community of Olney and surrounding villages for a further year.

Olney has a reputation as a caring town, with a larger than average elderly population. This is the second year that OTC has funded the specialist nurse, who provides an invaluable service to elderly residents.

Cobbs Garden Surgery is a GP practice that covers Olney, Emberton, Clifton Reynes, Warrington and Weston Underwood. The Friends of Cobbs Garden Surgery is a charity formed in 1992 to relieve sickness and preserve health amongst residents served by the GP Practice.

The Mayor of Olney, Councillor Steve Clark, said “We initially funded this post for one year and encouraged the Friends of Cobbs Garden Surgery to explore other possible sources of funding to allow the work to continue in subsequent years. Unfortunately the financial climate has made this an almost impossible task. However, we recognise the invaluable contribution made by the specialist nurse to the older residents of the area, and thus invited an application for a further grant to fund a second year. I am pleased to advise that this was considered by the full Town Council at its February meeting and was approved unanimously.”