Olympian Greg Rutherford ‘jumping’ over world championship kit

Greg Rutherford
Greg Rutherford

A newly designed kit for the World Athletics Championships has been slammed as “ridiculous” by the city’s Olympian.

Greg Rutherford is ‘jumping’ that the famous Union flag has been missed off the vest he will wear to compete next week.

“I’m proud to be British, so this is a terrible choice,” said the long jump champ.

“If I could take a flag-loaded British kit with me for everyone I would.

“This new kit is ridiculous. It isn’t a British kit anymore. It’s promoting British Athletics the company.”

It is the first time since 1997 that the traditional red, white and blue flag has not been featured somewhere in the design of a vest for a major championship.

The Bletchley-born lad took to Twitter to voice his frustration - and asked his 161,000 followers to join in on the debate.

He said: “I’m yet to find an athlete who wanted the change. Every athlete I’ve spoken to wants the union flag.

“Athletes need to speak out more in my opinion.

“Most annoyingly about all this is that the kit itself is amazing - in my opinion it is the best kit to compete in material-wise.”

“But this union flag issue is a shocker.”

UK Athletics’ chief executive officer Niels de Vos rejected Rutherford’s criticisms

“It’s not about taking the Union flag off the kit – the logo is still on the shorts and socks,” De Vos told the Guardian.

“It’s about promoting British Athletics. The vest for the world championships says Great Britain in massive letters and, actually, we took our lead from Team GB at the Olympics.

“If you look at that kit the distinguishing mark is Team GB not a flag.”