Olympic hero says bid for Sporting City status is important

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Sir Steve Redgrave said Milton Keynes’ bid to become an International Sporting City is important to develop sports stars of the future.

Last year’s Olympics and the success of British sports stars this summer have inspired many to take up a number of sports and the five time Olympic champion spoke highly of MK’s bid to become a sporting city.

He said: “I don’t think the Olympics had a direct effect, sporting wise we are doing so well and there’s a lot for young people to look at and enjoy. It is very important that more events you can have the more it rubs off. We need to make sport a part of life.”

Greg Loftman, sports coach at the school, said it was a massive honour to be visited by such a huge sporting hero.

He said: “Sport is a massive thing here at the school and it is core in our curriculum. I have been here for two years now and this is a really special school and place to work where sport is at the forefront.”

And pupil Yinka Adelowo, who was keen to show off his own haul of five medals, for various sports and talk of his love for sport and the school.

He said: “Running is definitely my favourite sport and sport is amazing here. I like football and basketball as well and one day I would like to be an Olympic long distance runner. Today has been brilliant, I’ve enjoyed it so much.”

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