Omid’s funny tour of duty rolls into the new town

Omid Djalili
Omid Djalili

OMID Djalili is currently out on the road, enjoying his first tour for more than three years.

On Tuesday night the man with the funny factor pulls into MK Theatre.

The British-Iranian comic hasn’t exactly been idle over the past couple of years, mind.

He has enjoyed two seasons of his own series on the Beeb, starred in the West End production of Oliver! in the role of Fagin, and there have been films too –

Mr Nice and The Infidel.

But for the moment, it’s all about the Tour of Duty.

“I put out a not-so-serious message on Twitter about what to call the show and I got about 200 responses, many of them very clever,” he recalled.

“...but I saw the very first response back was ‘Tour of Duty’ and I liked it.

“Reminded me of peace keeping forces and the fact someone once said I was a bridge between East and West and I thought ‘Yes, I’m a bridge, and it’s about time I started charging a toll. £1 for cars, £2 for lorries and £17 for Smart cars. See how smart they feel now.”

Tickets are £19. But you’ll get your monies worth: “Everyone has problems,” he says, “But for 90 minutes it’s good to have a laugh and forget it for a while – or put it into a context.

“The context being I’m struggling a little less than you are and collectively you should all come together and be happy for me. I’d like the audience to come and give thanks at the altar of the fat one.”

Book on 0844 871 7652.