On the march ahead of Olympics

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Staff and future residents of The ExtraCare Charitable Trust’s Shenley Wood Village in Milton Keynes are taking a hike as part of their countdown to the Olympic Games this month (26th and 27th September).

The walkers will be joined by local MP Iain Stewart for the last leg of the 35-mile North Bucks Way Walk, which will end with a barbecue at the new retirement village, due to open in spring 2012.

The event is part of The ExtraCare Charitable Trust’s Olympic Challenge, which aims to cover 25,000 miles (the circumference of the globe) across its 29 retirement villages and schemes before the start of the Olympic Games next year.

Village Manager Martyn Dawes, who will also be taking part, expects that about ten future residents will involved. “It’s a good number,” he said, adding that the uneven ground meant that some potential walkers would not be able to come.

He said that he had chosen the route, which takes two days to complete, because it could easily be broken into stages to make it easier.

“I’ve walked the North Bucks Way before and I thought it was a nice walk, and that the residents would enjoy it,” he added.

MP Iain Stewart said he was delighted to take part in the walk to support the new development. “Shenley Wood Village will offer a range of activities which will help local older people remain independent and healthy,” he said.