On the move with village vehicle

The Haddenham Community Vehicle PNL-151210-105921001
The Haddenham Community Vehicle PNL-151210-105921001

The village of Haddenham now has its own community vehicle, thanks to the hard work and dedication of a team of local people, and generous donations from members of the public.

The new vehicle, which has been specially adapted to accommodate a wheelchair, will be used to make life easier for people living in and around Haddenham who have transport difficulties because of walking disabilities.

The initiative was the brainchild of retired GP Hugh Stradling.

Dr Stradling said: “After experiencing problems while taking a friend for a physiotherapy session, I realised that Haddenham desperately needed a vehicle, owned by the community and accessible to all, that could transport a wheelchair and its occupant easily, conveniently and comfortably.

“I mentioned this to some friends from the village, who all agreed it was a great idea.

“As a result, we set up the Haddenham Community Vehicle Project, with the aim of purchasing and operating such a vehicle.”

After months of fundraising and many hours of work by the members of the project committee, the vehicle,has now been purchased.

The VW Caddy will take to the road this month.

Driven by volunteer drivers, it will service an area roughly the same as that served by Haddenham Medical Centre.

A small charge will be made for transport provided by the vehicle, but it is hoped that most of the running costs will be covered by sponsorship, grants and charitable donations.

Typical journeys are expected to include visits to hospital, other medical services and to social events.

The team operating the vehicle says it will consider all requests carefully and will prioritise them to meet the needs of as many people as possible, while making best use of the vehicle.

Anyone who would like to be considered for transport by the new vehicle should contact the co-ordinator, Sue Brigham, on 07495 366779.

As well as Dr Stradling, the committee behind the Haddenham Community Vehicle project initially included Peter Quilleash, David Hammond, Neil Dury, Keith Linger, Jean Watson, Sarah Warren and Jacky Keates.

Throughout the project, the committee has received help, support and advice from Community Impact Bucks.