Once, twice, three times a love rat ...

Former Floodgate: Rachel Floodgate reported then husband Garry to the authorities
Former Floodgate: Rachel Floodgate reported then husband Garry to the authorities

Three furious ex-wives who married the same bigamist love rat used the power of Facebook to put him behind bars.

The trio of Mrs Floodgates breathed a sigh of relief on Monday as 54-year-old Garry Floodgate began a five-month prison sentence.

The pint-sized Teddy Boy from Bletchley, who has sported a quiff from the age of three, married third wife Sheila Siebert in Las Vegas while still wed to his second wife, Rachel. Rachel, 27, found out through Facebook and told police .

She and devastated Sheila, who lives in Canada, then turned to the obvious person for support – Garry’s long divorced first wife, Elizabeth Floodgate.

“All three of us Mrs Floodgates were gunning for him. We were quite a force to be reckoned with,” said Elizabeth, who lives in Wolverton.

“Garry was a charmer who deceived us all. I can’t even understand what we saw in him – he’s 5ft 3ins tall, nine stone dripping wet, wears stupid teddy boy shoes and has a silly quiff.”

Elizabeth and Rachel, who have three of Garry’s children between them, have been in constant Facebook contact with 55-year-old Sheila, who got engaged to Garry on Valentine’s Day last year after chatting online for months.

On June 2 plant driver Garry left his job and flew to Canada. Days later he and Sheila were wed in a Vegas hotel chapel. And today Sheila is waiting for the marriage to be annulled by American law.

Said Sheila: “He claimed to be divorced and heartbroken over a recent break up with a girlfirend. He appeared to be a hopeless romantic, a kind, considerate, compassionate, caring optimistic individual and I truly loved him.”

But her happiness was shortlived. Just 14 days after the wedding she discovered through Facebook that Garry was still married to Rachel.

The following day he fled back to Milton Keynes.

“He even took the engagement ring he gave me. Then in November 2012 he tried to claim half my home,” said Sheila.

“The sad part is not just that I was heartbroken and devastated, but that he has also hurt so many people with his actions.”

Rachel, who is bringing up Garry’s two small daughters alone, married Garry in a huge rockabilly-style ceremony at Wolverton’s St George’s Church in 2003.

She said: “I met him when I was only 17 and I was vulnerable, Our relationship was well and truly over when he met Sheila but he had refused to sign the divorce papers.

“When I found out what he’d done I went to the police. It was scary but I had to do it – and the other Mrs Floodgates have been a great support.”

“I’m a bit worried about what will happen when he comes out of prison but together the three of us will cope.”

Care worker Elizabeth, 48, who has a teenage daughter by Garry has no such qualms: “He’s just a little liar and he doesn’t scare me. But I will continue to help the other Mrs Floodgates.”