One-armed grandfather to swim country’s biggest lake

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A one-armed grandfather is set to swim 10 miles across the country’s biggest lake for a charity that cared for his grandson after he was diagnosed with eye cancer.

Brian Thorogood, 66, who was born with part of his left arm missing, has organised the sponsored swim across lake Windermere for the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust of which he is a trustee.

Brian has set himself the challenge of swimming the entire length of Windermere in the Lake District on September 21 and through personal sponsorships has already raised more than £1,900.

He has also encouraged nine other swimmers to join the team and brave the icy waters.

Grandson Ernie had to undergo prolonged treatment after being diagnosed with retinoblastoma and Brian was grateful for the care and guidance he and his family received from the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust.

He said: “Ernie has bilateral retinoblastoma which is a very aggressive form of cancer that affects eyes of babies and young children.

“We received the dreaded news that the tumours were again growing rapidly in one eye. There was only one option at this stage and that was major surgery to prevent the cancer spreading beyond the eye, which can be fatal.

“Ernie is five-years-old now. He has had around 150 hospital visits. He has been clear of any new tumours for two years.

“However, we are ever fearful because we know that those tumours can re-emerge at any time, and that is something that will hang over him and all of us forever.”

If you would like to sponsor Brian visit