‘Oops, I ate all the cakes’ says former Milton Keynes mayor


Former mayor Brian White has FAILED his own weight loss challenge during his reign.

Instead of shedding “at least half a stone” as he pledged, Brian has put on just over a pound.

And he blames all the “excellent” cakes people pressed upon him during the mayoral year.

“I think I must have eaten 500 cupcakes. I never knew they came in so many shapes and sizes until I was mayor,” he told the Citizen.

Brian, who last week handed over his chain of office to Councillor Subhan Shariq, vowed to go on a diet four months ago after new statistics showed MK was on of the 10 fattest towns in the country.

A massive 72.5 per cent of adults in the city are deemed to be overweight or obese.

Brian, at 5ft 10ins and 14st 10lb, was horrified when his own body mass index was calculated.

This week he said: “I admit I failed to lose weight. In fact I gained a pound.

“I did try but honestly it’s difficult when everywhere you go as mayor people offer you delicious refreshments.”

“But it would be rude to refuse – and anyway I thoroughly enjoyed them,” said Brian, who attended more than 530 engagements over the year.

Now he is planning to devote his time to his business consultancy firm – and having another stab at losing weight.

“I only had time to do the minimum with my business while I was mayor. Now I need to seriously get back to work.”