Open your eyes to Dining in the Dark

Calcutta Brasserie
Calcutta Brasserie

The infamous ‘Dining in the Dark’ experience is back by popular demand on Wednesday, February 29 with an extra special menu, designed to heighten your sensory culinary experience in the sumptuous surroundings of Calcutta Brasserie, Stony Stratford.

February 29 only comes around once every 1,461 days, so if you’re dreaming of diamond rings and fairytale weddings, this could be the perfect opportunity to take the plunge and propose.

It is an age old tradition for women to propose on a leap year and Calcutta Brasserie will mark the occasion by presenting ladies with a bottle of champagne if they pluck up the courage and pop the question on the night.

On the night, the stunning Grade II listed building will be submerged into complete darkness with only a path of candles to guide guests to their table. Tranquil music and alternating aromas will add to the unique evening experience and, on arrival, each guest will a complimentary glass of champagne before sampling the set menu.

The restaurant’s chefs have carefully constructed each of the three courses to ensure that each flavour stimulates, tests, and tantalises the taste buds. The mix of fresh spices and complementing ingredients promise to ‘explode’ in a way that takes guests on an exhilarating journey of food appreciation.

Proprietor, Mo Abdul, has introduced the ‘Dining in the Dark’ experience from the concept that if one sense is taken away, another is heightened, a technique which has been famously tried before in other countries. The restaurant is hoping that diners will be able to taste flavours and smells that they have never experienced before, creating a whole new dimension to Indian cuisine, something that management at Calcutta Brasserie are passionate about.

All tables will have an optional blind fold to take their ‘Dining in the Dark’ experience into a whole new level!

To reserve a table for the ‘Dining in the Dark’ experience contact Calcutta Brasserie on 01908 566577, the set menu costs £18.95 per person. Visit for more details and events.