Alan Dee’s movie preview: Filth or Sunshine - which view of Scotland would you prefer?

Some weeks you get nothing but family-friendly froth, some weeks it’s boneheaded blockbusters galore and some weeks it’s slashers and gore as far as the eye can see.
James McAvoy stars in FilthJames McAvoy stars in Filth
James McAvoy stars in Filth

And then, thankfully, some weeks you get an interesting range of films made with grown-ups in mind.

That nice James McAvoy is more Bad Lieutenant than Dixon Of Dock Green in Filth, based on the toilet-mouthed tale from Irvine ‘Trainspotting’ Welsh.

He’s a corrupt, abusive, junkie cop who is still in line for promotion despite his many faults, and he’s determined not to allow anything to get in his way. His past is coming back to haunt him, though, which prompts some extreme measures which will make you wince.

James McAvoy stars in FilthJames McAvoy stars in Filth
James McAvoy stars in Filth

McAvoy is outstanding and out there, and he’s backed up by a quality supporting cast including Jim Broadbent as his shrink and the ever-reliable Eddie Marsan as his put-upon pall.

Don’t go expecting any sort of feelgood factor, but there is plenty of Caledonian charm on show elsewhere.

You should have a beam on your face if you make the trip to catch Sunshine on Leith, a little sweetie based on the estimable output of the Proclaimers, best known south of the border for their ‘500 Miles’ chorus.

Peter Mullan and Jane Horrocks are the big names in this feelgood feature which is no jukebox musical – even if it is based on a stage show that was inspired by the duo’s output.

The story follows the paths of two young soldiers who return home to Leith after serving in Afghanistan, and how they settle back into everyday life.

Everyday, of course, is not how you would describe the sight of 500 dancers hoofing in a set-piece production number outside the National Gallery Of Scotland, but suspend your disbelief and enjoy.

Watch the video report to see what Proclaimers Charlie and Craig Reid think of the movie

All of which home-grown harmony pushes a Hollywood offering starring a pair of A-list stars down the pecking order, but Thanks For Sharing is worth a look, too.

Mark Ruffalo and Gwyneth Paltrow are centre stage in a comedy which takes as its core subject sex addiction.

Ruffalo has been in therapy for five years because of his relentless rumpy-pumpy, but his support group mentor tells him that he is ready to date again.

He quickly falls for breast cancer survivor, fitness enthusiast and foodie Gwynnie, and decides to keep her in the dark about his sex-obsessed past. Will it all come out? No prizes for guessing....

All around this central relationship are other characters struggling to deal with their various problems, but debut director Stuart Blumberg – Oscar-nominated co-writer of The Kids Are Alright – keeps the smiles coming.

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