Lack of local bus services in Central Milton Keynes

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Following your articles on lack of local bus services into Central Milton Keynes and the MK Connect Services launched by MK City Council, I have been in contact with Arriva and our MP for North Milton Keynes.

To date Arriva re-routed our 33/A bus service which had been running for many years from outlying areas north of MK via Wolverton along Millers Way, Bradwell Village and into MK Central The Point.

This service now runs from Wolverton via Hodge Lea and Bradwell Village into MK.

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Those of us who are left in Blue Bridge/Bancroft have no access to Wolverton shopping or MK without a 15/20 minute walk to catch a No.5 Arriva bus.

Arriva states that the re-routing is financially more beneficial with the new route for them and that they will no longer serve the residents of Blue Bridge and Bancroft who are mainly retired.

It is sad to be considered as not contributing to their budget, when I for one, would be willing to pay for my regular bus journey (this particular route was restricted to commuters, school children, pensioners and the like) and was geared to a service which reflected these needs by the customers who used it, with no service on a Sunday.

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