Milton Keynes ranked in the top 20 for recycling in UK

Milton Keynes recycled more than 3,700 tonnes of plastic between 2017 and 2018, ranking them 13th in the UK.

Monday, 1st July 2019, 4:03 pm
Recycling in Milton Keynes

According to The Body Shop, the UK recycled 602,493 tonnes of plastic, with six of the top 10 cities in Wales.

Ranking cities on their level of recycling per person, Milton Keynes ranks 13th, recycling 3,710 tonnes, with Wigan leading the way.

A YouGov1 survey highlighted that 46 per cent of Brits feel guilty about the amount of plastic they use and 82% of the surveyed are actively trying to reduce the amount they throw away.

Recycling in Milton Keynes

The Body Shop’s two new plastic initiatives Return.Recycle.Repeat and Community Trade recycled plastic are part of a bigger goal to become a more sustainable brand with recycling being one of the first steps.

By 2030, The Body Shop will only be using three types of plastic instead of 20, making it easier for our consumers to recycle its products. Also, with Return. Recycle. Repeat. and other schemes, The Body Shop will collect 25 per cent more packaging than it sells. This is not only great for the environmental footprint that packaging has – it also increases the pool of recycled materials for other industries to use.

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