Our little angel is new year joy

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A CITY couple got the perfect late Christmas present when their new daughter arrived three weeks early, becoming the first baby to arrive in 2011.

Most people see in the New Year with a glass of wine and a nice time with friends and family but for Daniel Saadi and Kiri Skells they had a little gatecrasher.

The pair had spent a relaxing evening on New Year’s Eve playing cards with friends and family at their home in Angel Close, Pennyland.

Kiri was joined by her sister and other friends who all had babies so they did not leave too late.

After the last guests left, between 1am and 2am, Daniel and Kiri decided to go to bed, leaving the cleaning up until the next day. However, their new daughter had other plans.

Kiri said: “I went up to bed shortly after our friends had gone and started to get ready for bed. I didn’t notice anything unusual while I was getting ready but it was when I lay down that something happened.”

Within minutes of getting into bed Kiri’s waters broke and the couple quickly got their things together before heading off to hospital.

They were a little wary owing to the fact that Katie was making her debut three weeks early but they kept calm and prayed for the best.

Kiri said: “It was all so sudden. One minute I was lying in bed and before I had really had chance to get comfortable my waters broke.

“We got into hospital around 3am, I think, it was so hard to remember because it seemed to happen so fast. Katie finally arrived at 4.24pm and me and Daniel were just over the moon, especially seeing as she is our first.”

Mother and baby were kept in hospital for a few days just for observation but were eventually allowed home on Tuesday night.

Kiri said: “Because she was so early we had to stay in hospital for a few days but it is so good to get her home safe and well with me and Daniel.

“She is amazing and a perfect way for us to start off our New Year.”