Outdoor-loving Aussie with academics at heart joins Milton Keynes school

An academic with a rebellious streak and a love for vintage cars and Anglo Saxon archaeology is bringing change to Akeley Wood School.

Wednesday, 4th April 2018, 12:15 pm
Georgina Masefield, new head at Akeley Wood School. Picture: James Rudd

Born in Australia and raised in north London, Georgina Masefield is the new headteacher at the private school, which celebrated its 70th anniversary last year and caters for pupils aged one to 18. A self-confessed foodie, birdwatcher, artist, critical thinker, petrolhead and canoeist, Georgina is full of ambition for her new pupils.

She said: “There are many wonderful traditions at this school and my mission is to preserve these whilst ensuring we are progressive. It is our job to prepare children not just for life outside of Akeley Wood School but life potentially outside of the UK. As an independent school we are not so constrained by the national curriculum as most other schools are. We are reinvigorating our curriculum to be exciting, offer scope and foster intellectual curiosity. Depth and breath, particularly at year 7 and 8, is non-negotiable.”

Georgina was previously headteacher at North Bridge House School in Hampstead. Under her leadership, results rocketed, more pupils enrolled, and wellbeing was elevated to the top of the agenda.

She said: “For me, school has to be magical and I want the children to have the best of everything: academic rigour, cultural and social development and regular opportunities for expression through creativity. Underlying all this and more is the children’s wellbeing.” Meet Georgina at the senior school open morning on Tuesday, May 8. Call 01280 860824 or visit akeleywoodschool.co.uk to register.