Oven stolen as two Milton Keynes homes are burgled

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Police are appealing for the public’s help after two burglaries in the east of Milton Keynes towards the end of last week in which electrical items, jewellery and an oven were stolen.

The first burglary took place between 5pm on Thursday and 8am on Friday when the offenders gained entry to a house in Broughton Grounds Lane, Broughton, by smashing a ground floor window.

Once inside the property they stole a chrome Zanussi oven and a tool bag.

The second burglary took place in Lichfield Down, Walnut Tree, between 12pm and 8.20pm on Friday when the offenders entered the property using a tool to force the rear window open.

Electrical items, jewellery and alcohol were stolen. The items could have been wrapped in a dressing gown that was also stolen.

Police have not said whether or not the two burglaries are being linked.

If you have any information contact the police on 101.