Over half of Milton Keynes parents don’t read to their children every night


It has been revealed 64 per cent of parents in Milton Keynes do not read to their children every night.

A survey by tuition provider, Explore Learning, explored the city’s favourite fairy tales and reading habits and named Snow White as the city’s favourite fairy tale.

Cinderella was a close second with Jack and the Beanstalk coming third, but the suvery also showed that 65 per cent of parents believe that today’s tale are ‘too sanitised’ for children.

Carey Ann Dodah, Head of Curriculum at Explore Learning says: “No matter how old you are, the UK loves a good fairy tale and partly due to the classics being made into blockbuster movies, their popularity has endured through the generations. However, it is worrying to see that parents are not taking quality time out of their day to read a story to their children. Reading to your child instils a love of books from a young age and is a fantastic way to bond with your child before bedtime.”

The research also found that reading is far from a dead hobby with almost half of people in the area reading for pleasure every day.

Scotland was named the most literary country with more than half (55%) saying they read daily for fun – compared with 51% in England, 40% in Northern Ireland and 39% in Wales.

Carey Ann says: “It’s uplifting to see that much of us still love to read but what we really need is to get our children excited about it – just as excited about playing games on the iPad or watching TV. Explore Learning runs creative writing courses to encourage children to have a go at writing, get their imaginations going and to realise that creating something from nothing is a very special thing to do.”

Over three quarters (81%) of parents say their children either never write stories or only do when tasked to by their teachers – while a whopping 93% of parents say that writing stories helps develop their children’s imagination.

All of Explore Learning’s centres offer members a Creative Writing course, which helps keen writers to develop their skills and children who struggle, to get their ideas down on paper. The course follows National Curriculum objectives and inspires children to enjoy story writing.

Explore Learning has 90 centres located across the UK and provides English and maths tuition to children aged five to 14. Each session is tailored to a child’s needs and Explore tutors work with children in a low ratio (1:6 maximum) to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere for learning that has results.

The full list of Milton Keynes favourite fairy tales are:

1. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

2. Cinderella

3. Jack and the Beanstalk

4. Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty & the Beast

5. Sleeping Beauty

6. Billy Goats Gruff

7. The Little Mermaid and Hansel & Gretal

8. Rapunzel

10. Tom Thumb

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