Over night protest against ‘bedroom tax’

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More than 30 people from Milton Keynes joined in a nationwide protest against the ‘bedroom tax’ by camping out over night on Saturday.

The protesters held their ‘mass sleep out’ outside Milton Keynes Central train station to show their opposition to the tax which they claim is likely to “make many poor people homeless in the near future and or reduce their already low income substancialy”.

“Protesters represented people from across Milton Keynes, united in their opposition to the tax,” said Neil Williams, secretary of Milton Keynes Against the Cuts.

“One protester even came along with his tin whistle and gave an improvised concert which was much appreciated by all.

“Other protesters made hot dogs and many a warm drink on what was a cold and very wet night.

“Despite the weather, the spirit in the protest camp was high, knowing that they were part of a huge nationwide protest involving thousands of people, all of whom say ‘axe the bedroom tax’.