Owner of savage dog gave his name as ITV commentator Andy Townsend

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An unscrupulous dog owner gave a false name and address after his Husky-type hound savaged at least two other dogs.

Police are now investigating the attacks, which happened in Woburn Sands.

And the owners of the injured dogs are appealing for readers to help trace the short, stocky man who owns the huge Alaskan Malamute.

“I thought it was a wolf. It jumped on my dog, pinned him down in a ditch and bit him all over,” said John Jones, whose collie cross Sooty needed stitches after he was attacked over the weekend.

The owner told Mr Jones his name was Andy Townsend and said he lived in Elm Grove.

But enquiries revealed Elm Grove is part of an OAP complex and nobody of that name lives there.

“I think the man just picked the first name he thought of, which happened to the famous TV and radio football commentator Andy Townsend,” said Mr Jones.

“I think he should be found and warned about his dog before another animal is attacked.

“We were lucky because Sooty survived. He is recovering now but feeling very sorry for himself.”

Now another dog walker has reported an almost identical attack in a popular dog walking area of Woburn Sands.

Police are currently investigating this incident.

Meanwhile details of a third dog being attacked by a husky-type dog are also being investigated.

Anybody who knows the identity of the dog or owner should contact police on 101 quoting URN16251392014.

Or, if they do not want to be identified, they can contact Crimestoppers in confidence. on 0800 555 111.