Oxfam’s £1,000 Walkman

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A charity shop has pocketed £1,000 from an online auction - after collectors from around the world fought it out to buy a vintage 1980s WALKMAN.

The personal stereo was sold by Oxfam in Stony Stratford to a collector in Hong Kong, and fetched a top price as it was still unused and in its original packaging.

Store manager Linda Hart-Jones said: “This is definitely most expensive thing we’ve ever sold. We’re just delighted that anyone who donates things to the shop knows that we’re going to get the maximum price for it.

“We’ve seen many interesting items come through the doors over the years, and we’re lucky to have a dedicated and experienced team who are able to spot things like this. Donors often comment that they bring things to us, and that means a lot to me and my team.”

Although the majority of donated goods sold by the store are available to anyone visiting the shop in Stony High Street, every week around ten of the more unusual donations are put up for sale on eBay.

So while the Walkman has already been sent off on its 6,000-mile journey, the store’s latest esoteric items is a 5ft-tall vintage tapestry of Prince Charles and Princess Diana which will go up for sale over the next few days!

Linda said: “Our volunteer Jan Evans is a former store manager and she has a real eye for interesting items.

“When the Walkman was brought in it she decided to go online to find out how much it might be worth.

“One interested bidder then got in touch and asked us to take some photos of the inside to see if it really had never been used.

“When we sent them to him I think he realised it was going to be out of his budget, but he said that we were going to get a good price.”

She added: “Jan looks after the unusual things that go up online on eBay, and if we spot something that is going to be popular - yet might not shift if we just put it for sale on our shelves - then it might go on show via the internet.

“Silver items are popular online, and so are perfume bottles. You also find big or unusual items are better 
sellers via the internet - 
nobody would buy a giant 
tapestry of Princes Charles on a whim when they came in the shop - but online it’s a different matter.”