Paige dances to the final for poorly mum

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DANCER Paige Barber ‘did it for mummy’ as she made three finals at her latest dance competition.

Paige, from Bletchley, was preparing to take part in the Freestyle Olympics when her mum Melissa had to be taken to hospital and couldn’t make the event.

Brave Paige put the drama to the back of her mind and vowed to do her mum proud as she stepped out to perform.

And she certainly did her best as she made three finals – finishing fifth in the intermediate slow, fourth in the street dance and third in the U10 slow dance competitions.

Dad Chris said: “Reaching the final at the world championships and then three finals at the Olympics is simply amazing.

“We are so proud of her for what she has done and how hard she has worked.

“When we were there I felt sick with nerves for her – God knows how these kids must feel.

“On the way to Blackpool Paige’s mum had to have a ambulance called out.

“We had to turn back and take Melissa back to be looked after. Melissa not being there broke Paige’s heart, but as we were leaving, Paige gave her a massive hug and said ‘I’m going to do this for you mummy.’

“It was heart breaking for all of us, but she did it.”