Panto star Kev returns to Milton Keynes for Willow Foundation

Kev Orkian
Kev Orkian

Just like Father Christmas, Kev Orkian is guaranteed to come around annually in Milton Keynes.

For the past four years he has been the keeper of the funnies starring in pantomime at Milton Keynes Theatre.

And last Christmas, he had the best time: “The show was incredible,” Kev says, “The cast were über-talented but über-fun. I’ll be honest with you, I’d not really enjoyed a panto like this for a long time.”

Fans of the ace entertainer need not wait 12 months before getting their fix; he returns next Friday night with his own juggernaut of a show, Talents Of Britain.

This pulls together a feast of acts from those reality shows that entertain the nation of a weekend. This performance, ahead of a six-week UK tour, will raise funds for the Willow Foundation. The charity was set up by football star Bob Wilson and his wife and provides special days for the seriously ill aged from 16-40.

“Bob and Megs are close friends and when I learned about the work that goes into what they do, I wanted to help.

“I am really shouting out to all of the people in Milton Keynes and saying ‘Come along, it’s going to be the most incredible night!”

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