Paranormal investigators in search of the MK unknown

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During the early hours, while most of us are tucked up in bed, a relatively new group of paranormal investigators can be found creeping around some of our old buildings in search of the unexplained.

Research Society to Verify the Paranormal United Kingdom, or RSVPUK, are a small group of Milton Keynes-based folk with more than a passing interest in the unexplained, and they take their business very seriously.

“We try and verify the paranormal scientifically,” explained member Harriet Armes.

“We use technology and look at things logically.”

By day, the five members work in a range of more conventional roles – graphic design, for Network Rail, as carers and an admin assistant.

But when day gives way to dark the well equipped team swap their more usual working aids in preference of EVP (electric voice phenomena) machines, CCTV, hand-held cameras and various energy sensing recorders for their missions.

“We have done a private house investigation close to Bradwell Abbey, and visited the Madcap Theatre in Wolverton...”

The former didn’t show up any activity, but at Madcap things became interesting.

“We got an EVP, and asked his name. On the recording you can clearly hear ‘James’ being spoken...”

It is the sort of result that keeps the group on its toes and enthused by the work they do.

And when their machinery flickers or an unexplained sound turns up on the sound equipment?

“It is a big rush,” Harriet admits, “...and that is why I like it so much. It has always fascinated me.

“I’ve always loved horror films and things like that and enjoy being scared!”

Moving forward the group is keen to get access to more properties and uncover more paranormal secrets, both here in Milton Keynes and further afield: “I would love to get into somewhere like the Edinburgh Vaults or the Tower of London.

“I am sure there would be plenty going on in there.”