Parish council fight against Salden Chase

Councillor Nigel Long
Councillor Nigel Long

A group has been re-established to fight against plans to build a new estate in Bletchley.

West Bletchley Parish Council voted unanimously to re-establish a committee to fight proposals to build on Salden Chase.

Two years ago plans to build over 5,000 homes at Salden Chase, on land in Aylesbury Vale, adjacent to the Racecourses Estate in West Bletchley, were thrown out by planning authorities after a campaign from residents.

The South West Milton Keynes Consortium, which has brought the plans back to the development table, want to build 1800 new homes, in what many believe would be the first phase of development in this area.

Councillor Nigel Long said: “The whole parish council is united in planning to fight the proposals.

“The developers own the land, so it is inevitable that they would try to build on the land they own.

“We believe that it would be bad news for West Bletchley for the roads and for public services such as schools and for land drainage.

“Since the last time we fought the developers the government has changed the planning rules. They want to make it easier for developers to build.”