Park and plug scooter store for sheltered housing scheme

mpmc sheltered homes park and plug
mpmc sheltered homes park and plug

Elderly and disabled residents at a sheltered scheme in Milton Keynes will soon have somewhere to ‘Park and Plug’ their mobility scooters safely, thanks to housing association Guinness South.

The landlord of the 39-home scheme at Cavendish House in Loughton, is installing a specially-designed building capable of storing and charging up to a dozen electrically powered vehicles.

The initiative will help alleviate potential health and safety and fire risks of storing mobility scooters in the sheltered scheme’s communal areas.

Head of Programme and Planning, Chris Wait, said: “Mobility scooters bring improved access and mobility to the lives of many of our disabled and elderly customers, but a lot of our schemes were designed and built before mobility scooters became widespread. With the increase in numbers of these scooters being used, we were pleased to identify a space to the side of the main building at Cavendish House where we will locate the storage facility.”

Scheme manager, Pippa Reuter, said: “The new scooter store is a brilliant idea.

“The residents will have their own electronic key fob to grant them easy access plus the store is covered by a CCTV link direct to my office.

“Residents will also have a pre-paid electricity card to use when they put their scooters on charge in their parking bays.

“We currently have five residents planning to use the store but I think more residents will think about mobility scooters now there’s somewhere safe they can store them.”

> The new park and plug storage facility will be ready for use from November 18.