Parking charges rise for shoppers at thecentre:mk

Parking charges at the city centre were quietly increased by up to 33 per cent yesterday (Wednesday).

Milton Keynes councillors agreed in February to up the hourly standard rate from 30p to 40p and the premium rate from £1.20 to £1.40.

Employee permits have risen to £360 a year and daily scratch cards cost £1.60 instead of £1.20 a day.

There was no fanfare when the changes came into effect this week, and many motorists did not realise until they began to feed the meter.

The new prices will mean the council receives an extra £2 million a year from parking. Their annual net profit will rise from £6 million to £8 million.

The Cabinet member responsible for transport, councillor John Bint said the cash would be ploughed back into maintaining and repairing roads and potholes all over the city, as well as subsidising public transport.

Mr Bint said: “The increased parking charges were announced in February. MK is still one of the cheapest areas.”