Parking crisis hits estates as commuters’ cars fill streets

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PARKING permits could be issued to residents who live near the city centre after free parking was abolished by the council.

Residential areas within walking distance of the centre have been filling up with the cars of commuters looking to avoid the new pay and display restrictions which came into force on January 31.

Other areas could come into consideration for permits, should commuters go further afield to park.

Barbara Dawson, who lives in Bradwell Common, said the problem got much worse when the new parking restrictions came in, and that the situation could result in an accident.

She said: “The only thing that will stop people parking on these roads would be double yellow lines, which I assume will never happen.

“The areas which are being constantly abused are the bottom of Wandsworth Avenue and Wisley Avenue, where a footbridge leads over to the centre, and all the way down Arbrook Avenue and Wimbledon Place, again where a footbridge leads over towards the police station.”

Councillor Vanessa McPake, Cabinet member for Transport at Milton Keynes Council, said that measures were already under way to tackle the commuter parking problems faced by local residents.

She said: “Should the new parking regime in Central Milton Keynes cause any problems to residents in the estates surrounding the area, then we will look at introducing free residents parking permits, where residents want it.”