Parking spaces under review yet again with a view to downgrade

Parking Meters in CMK'''Wk3    MPMC
Parking Meters in CMK'''Wk3 MPMC

NEARLY 500 more parking spaces in Central Milton Keynes could be downgraded by the council for being ‘underused.’

Of the 454 bays under review, it is proposed that 26 spaces become free, while another 208 go from the Premium £1.20 per hour to the Standard 30p per hour rates. The remaining 220 spaces being reviewed are those outside the new Network Rail headquarters, which could go from the standard rate to the blue ‘long stay’ rate of £8 per day for commuters.

After wholesale changes were made to the parking rates in Central Milton Keynes nearly a year ago, the council back-tracked less than 10 months later by converting 859 underused premium spaces back to their original standard rate limit.

And with this current consultation out until Wednesday, April 25, it could see more than 1,200 spaces across the centre restored to their original status in less than 18 months.

A council spokesman said: “There are other areas within Central Milton Keynes, particularly in the business district, where occupancy of premium rate spaces is low. However, these areas are the only small pockets of premium spaces within vast areas of standard spaces and converting these to standard would likely result in employees occupying the bays all day. As they are close to places of major business it is essential that spaces are available to visitors and the premium rate tariff is a tool for ensuring this.”

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