Parks Trust launch anti-litter campaign

The Parks Trust has launched an anti-litter campaign
The Parks Trust has launched an anti-litter campaign

An anti-litter campaign could save The Parks Trust £250,000 per year.

That is the amount the guardians of the city’s parks spend every year on clearing up litter.

More than 180 bin bags worth of waste are being carelessly discarded in parks every week, creating a massive annual total of over 9,360 bags.

A Parks Trust spokesman said the charity is concerned about the growing impact litter is having on parks and the wildlife in them.

The new campaign urges everyone who uses the parks to show they love them by taking their rubbish home.

Parks, such as Willen Lake, Campbell Park, Linford Wood, Furzton Lake and Caldecotte Lake are popular places to visit, especially in the holidays, but often the clean-up afterwards is very challenging.

The Trust’s message is simple – ‘Love Your Parks – Please Take Your Litter Home. It’s easy and it’s the right thing to do’.

Chief Executive, David Foster, said: “We love to see people having a great time in our parks – but we want people to love them and care for them too.

“We spend a great deal of money collecting litter, around £250,000 each year, and we’d much rather spend this money on providing exciting events, more flowers and trees, working with schools or providing more facilities in the parks.”

The Parks Trust is hoping people will sign up to their pledge online at