Parrot returns after adventures on a wing and a prayer

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BILLY the parrot has been returned to his owner after a city adventure that saw him chased by crows.

Relieved owner Taygen Kelleher said: “Two people brought him back after seeing the appeal in the Citizen so I am so grateful to the paper.

“I was so happy I was nearly in tears. Some people have appealed about their birds and are still asking questions two years later so I am very lucky to have Billy back.”

The bird flew the nest after Taygen, pictured left with Billy, opened the back door of her Coffee Hall home for just a second to let her three dogs out.

Taygen said: “It was just a second and he was out. He was found a mile away near the Peartree Bridge marina. A couple had picked him up after he flew into their window after being chased by crows.”