Past mayors of Milton Keynes: What you need to know ahead of tonight’s mayor making ceremony

Milton Keynes mayor Derek Eastman
Milton Keynes mayor Derek Eastman

Milton Keynes Council will appoint a new mayor at a ceremony this evening.

The mayor of Milton Keynes is chosen each year at the annual council meeting shortly after the local elections.

During his or her year in office, the mayor is the first citizen of Milton Keynes and as such is an ambassador for the town and for the council.

There have been 42 mayors since MK Council was formed in 1974. This is one more than the total number should be after Subhan Shafiq stood down over a scandal during 2014-15.

He was replaced by Councillor Derek Eastman who will receive a vote of thanks during tonight’s ceremony in the chamber.

Mr Eastman is succeeded by Conservative councillor Keith McLean. His deputy will be Labour’s Stephen Coventry.

Here is a list of all past mayors:

1974-1975 Ernie Fryer Labour

1975-1976 Cecil Bowden Labour

1976-1977 Gerald Neale Conservative

1977-1978 Gordon Wilkinson Conservative

1978-1979 Albert Eley Conservative

1979-1980 Patrick Adams Conservative

1980-1981 Maurice Howell Conservative

1981-1982 Brian Baldry Conservative

1982-1983 Joan Butterworth Conservative

1983-1984 William Jones Labour

1984-1985 Frank Atter Labour

1985-1986 Luing Cowley Conservative

1986-1987 Bert Tapp Independent

1987-1988 David Taylor Independent

1988-1989 Tom Branson Conservative

1989-1990 Roger Bristow Labour

1990-1991 Betty Hanks Labour

1991-1992 William Harnett Labour

1992-1993 Fred Smith Labour

1993-1994 Les Hostler Labour

1994-1995 Edward Ellis Conservative

1995-1996 Bruce Hardwick Liberal Democrat

1996-1997 David Lewis Labour

1997-1998 Val Squires Labour

1998-1999 Grant Gillingham Labour

1999-2000 Ken Beeley Labour

2000-2001 Alf Woodcock Labour

2001-2002 Pat Seymour Liberal Democrat

2002-2003 Alan Pugh Liberal Democrat

2003-2004 John Monk Liberal Democrat

2004-2005 Norman Miles Labour

2005-2006 Philip Gerrella Liberal Democrat

2006-2007 Brin Carstens Conservative

2007-2008 Mike Barry Liberal Democrat

2008-2009 Jan Lloyd Labour

2009-2010 Euan Henderson Liberal Democrat

2010-2011 Debbie Brock Conservative

2011-2012 Alan Richards Liberal Democrat

2012-2013 Catriona Morris Conservative

2013-2014 Brian White Labour

2014-2015 Subhan Shafiq Liberal Democrat (resigned)

2014-2015 Derek Eastman Liberal Democrat