Patients recommend MK Community Health Services

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MORE than 90 per cent of people who use services provided by Milton Keynes Community Health Services (MKCHS) would recommend them to their friends or a loved one.

Like all NHS organisations, MKCHS each month asks a sample of the people who use its services what they thought of the care they received and whether they would recommend the service to a friend or family member.

The results are reported every three months and MKCHS has just published its second round of results.

In the latest set of figures 270 people said they would be extremely likely to recommend the service, while another 93 said they would be likely.

MKCHS provides a wide range of community services and responses were received from each service, including inmates at HMP Woodhill, users of mental health, podiatry, specialist dental, district nursing and health visiting services.

The Friends and Family Test Question is a standardised, easy-to-understand question asked of patients across the UK about the care they have received.

It is carried out on a monthly basis and results are reported quarterly to the MKCHS Board, allowing the organisation to act on the feedback received.

The people who use MKCHS services were also asked to rate their experience from one – a very poor experience – to ten – a very good experience. Of the 350 people who responded, 89 per cent rated their experience between eight and ten. None of the people randomly surveyed graded MKCHS below five.

Cathy Walker, managing director, said: “I am very glad the majority of people who use our services feel they are receiving high quality care and would recommend us to their family and friends. However, we will continue to work hard to ensure that everyone who uses our services feel they have had the very best care.”

“This is just one of the mechanisms we use to understand what people think of our services. From this month our service users have been able to provide feedback by going to our website and clicking on Your Experience.

“I am proud to lead an organisation which is focussed on ensuring the people who use our services receive the care and treatment we would wish ourselves and our family and friends to receive. Like any service, there is always room for improvement and we welcome any feedback which can help us understand what people want and how we can make things better.”