Patients urged to pledge healthy eating New Year’s resolutions

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Health leaders at NHS Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are reminding patients of the importance of eating healthily and keeping fit.

An estimated one in four adults and one in five children aged 10 to 11 in the UK are considered obese, putting themselves at risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, depression and stroke.

National Obesity Week takes place on January 11-17 and local communities will be encouraged to eat healthily, take part in physical activity and seek support if needed.

Dr Nicola Smith, Chair of NHS Milton Keynes CCG, is urging people to take part, particularly during the winter months when colder weather and festive treats make it easier to fall into bad habits.

She said: “This time of year is ideal for setting goals and taking part in new challenges. Make your New Year’s Resolution count and pledge to improve your health, be more active and show support for others who are doing the same.

“It is important that people understand the dangers and health complications of obesity, but also that there is an abundance of help and support available too. Get help and advice from your GP or speak to The National Obesity Forum (NOF)” for more information.