People battle snow to ‘Meet MacIntyre’

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Nearly 70 people trudged through the snow and ice to attend the ‘Meet MacIntyre’ event at the Moorlands Centre at Beanhill last Friday.

The charity was thrilled by the turn out, which helped them to ‘bed in’ to the estate where they are setting up a new home and which led to a number of people signing up as potential volunteers.

Anna Perry, head of operations for MacIntyre MK, said: “It was a fantastic success. We didn’t expect so much interest – particularly given the bad weather – but we were overwhelmed by the welcome we received,

“It’s obvious that the decision to move part of our operation into the former Beanhill community centre was exactly the right one. We feel we are already part of the community.”

‘Meet MacIntyre’ was staged at the Moorlands Centre to introduce the staff and people they support to local groups and residents. The event was aimed at all age groups, with a variety of activities put on to engage the visitors, including a performance by MacIntyre’s own pop group, Haddon Beats which attracted children from the adjoining nursery to join in.

The charity was first set up in Milton Keynes in 1987 at Great Holm, where they are about to redevelop the site and expand services to provide even more facilities for people with a wide range of learning disabilities. Currently MacIntyre provides services and support for over 170 people across the city.

“Part of our vision is to help the people we support to acquire new skills and become more integrated into community life, All the indications are that moving some of our activities to Beanhill will go a long way to help us do that, It’s a very exciting time,” said Anna.