People who recycle TOO MUCH will have to PAY for extra sacks in Milton Keynes

Tories have rubbished Labour's plans to '˜police' how many recycling sacks households use each week.

Friday, 10th August 2018, 12:37 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 8:20 pm

The council’s new Waste Operational Policy states each home in MK will receive 180 free sacks each year – the equivalent of four a week.

The sacks will be delivered through a new online service and if people want more they will have to order extra and pay for them.

They will also be asked to state the reason they are using so many.


Until now, residents have been able to pick up extra sacks free from outlets across MK. Now these outlets will cease to give them out.

City Conservatives say the new rules could cause MK’s recycling rates to tumble.

“The waste plan is exactly that – a waste of time. Labour seem determined to make life harder for responsible people that want to recycle,” said Tory leader Alex Walker (pictured).

He said most people are using more of the recycling sacks, which this year changed from pink in colour to clear plastic, since the controversial cardboard ruling.

Instead of leaving cardboard stacked up loose for refuse collectors, householders must now cut it up and cram it into the clear sacks.

“This means people will get through their 180 sack allocation even quicker,” said Councillor Walker.

Labour’s Councillor Martin Gowans, the Cabinet member responsible for waste policies, said: “We have set out measures to ensure a sufficient supply of recycling sacks to all, including large households, on a case by case basis.”

He added: “Should residents wish to have sacks above what they need for recycling they will be able to purchase them.”

Councillor Gowans said the supply will be kept under “constant review” to ensure sacks continue to be freely available.”

Meanwhile the heatwave has caused a problem with MAGGOTS for many residents obeying the rules and putting left-over food in their green wheelie bins.

Many have complained that the bins are crawling with maggots by the time they put them out for collection.

“It’s revolting,” said one. I’ve tried cleaning it out with bleach and water but still the maggots come.”

The council advises wrapping food in newspaper and cleaning bins after each collection.