14-year-old girl with chronic medical condition goes missing in Milton Keynes with no phone and no cash

She is in urgent need of medication and the family has launched a desperate appeal to find her

Thursday, 28th October 2021, 12:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th October 2021, 12:36 pm

A 14-year-old schoolgirl has been missing since last night in Milton Keynes.

Paige Stevens, 14, has no phone on her, no cash, and is wearing just a crop top, leggings and slippers.

She suffers from Lupus, a condition where the immune system attacks her own body and needs regular medication. Without it she could become seriously ill very quickly.

Have you seen Paige Stevens?

She stormed out of her home at around 8pm last night, without her medication, and has not been seen since.

Her family, who live on Grange Farm, have scoured the streets to find her but so far there has been no sightings.

"I am going out of my mind with worry," said mum Danielle. "Please Paige, if you are out there, just come home."

She said her daughter got in a mood last night after she returned home and it was suspected she had been smoking.

Have you seen Paige Stevens?

"She went straight up to her room and sprayed loads of perfume. I suspected she'd been smoking so I asked her to show me her phone as these youngsters put everything on Snapchat."

Danielle took the phone and then Paige stormed out, without even taking a coat.

"She has nothing - no phone and no money," she said.

Paige, who goes to St Paul's School, frequently visits Netherfield and Beanhill so people are asked to keep an eye out for her in those areas.

She is wearing a white long sleeve belly top and black leggings with a white stripe and 'Pretty Little Thing' written on them. The family think she is wearing just slider-type shoes on her feet.

If you see her please message us and we will pass the information on to Danielle.