20 things you would only know if you have grown up in Milton Keynes

Whether you like it or not – if you’re from Milton Keynes you are part of a community who share similar memories, accent and anecdotes.

Wednesday, 3rd February 2021, 5:11 pm
Empire and Oceana will forever be known as two iconic Milton Keynes nights out.

From epic nights out at Empire to watching games with your family at the former MK National Hockey Stadium – these are the 20 things you'll only understand if you come from Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes is proudly home to the first multiplex 'triangle' cinema in Britain - do you remember it opening in 1985?
Our farm animals are a bit different from anywhere else...
You've always wondered where the nickname 'Milky Beans' has come from - and eye roll whenever you hear it.
You had more nights out in Oceana than you care to remember, or you can remember!
You've not only been following MK Dons through the lows, but the highs too. Like when Keith Andrews lifted the trophy after winning the Johnstones Paint Trophy Final match against Grimsby Town at Wembley back in 2008.
Wow this one brings a nostalgic tear to the eye. Once the hub of all things fun in MK's XScape, City Limits had something magical about it for a time even if it did get a bit musty like an old fairground ride. It is now Casino MK.
Anyone who knows their Milton Keynes history will know that Superman IV infamously tried to pass off Milton Keynes for New York.
You definitley got lost in HMV before it became River Island - it was truly massive wasn't it? You probably remember listening to your favourite record in there with the big headphones, too?
You definitley went to watch a match at MK's National Hockey Stadium, which was once home to MK Dons, and is no more. It is now the Network Rail headquarters.
Rollers was an iconic venue not just for MK skaters but for young people across the south east. People would come from far and wide for its events and will bring a nostalgic tear to the eye of any kids of the 80s and 90s.
You remember the old home of Chicago Rock Cafe and Shout, above Central Milton Keynes bus station, which was converted to a youth hub when it fell victim to the credit crunch back in 2008 after 16 years in MK.
If you're of a certain age you will have had one of the best days out ever at Gulliver's Land - and maybe went on a school trip there.
Are you even from Milton Keynes if you've never thrown some epic shapres at The Empire Nightclub? It was an iconic venue in Milton Keynes attracting pub-to-clubbers from all over. Gone but never forgotten.
Your legs ache after walking lengths of the shopping centre - which some people will know as 'The City'.
You will have heard a few jokes in your time about the number of roundabouts in Milton Keynes - and they just aren't funny, ever.
You don't even bat an eyelid now when you see a robot, even when it's trundling through snow.
Nobody in Milton Keynes lives more than half a mile away from a park.
Even though no official charter has yet been granted to Milton Keynes to declare it a city, you still have heated discussions over whether it's a town or a city.
You probably remember the hype around Cliff Richard filming his 1981 music video at centre:mk - 'Wired for Sound' while on rollerskates.
Everyone loved Woolworths didn't they? Old favourite Woolies is long gone, though, taking lots of childhood memories with it. Nowadays it is home to TK Maxx in the intu shopping centre