After four years of waiting, Milton Keynes estate finally gets date for much-needed double yellow lines to be painted

A four year wait for double yellow lines finally has an end date for an estate in MK.

By Sally Murrer
Monday, 30th May 2022, 3:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 31st May 2022, 10:57 am

A busy estate is have double yellow lines installed this Autumn to stop parking problems.It was decided in 20

18, following a special public meeting, that action was needed on several roads on Neath Hill because people were parking so badly that emergency service vehicles and Serco bin lorries were not able to get through.

MK Council agreed to paint double yellow lines along Currier Drive at the entrances to Salters Mews and Turners Mews, as well as Serjeants Green at the entrance to Wheelwrights Mews, at its junctions with Glazier Drive, Currier Drive and Tower Drive and at the redway crossing point adjacent to the local play park.

The double yellow lines will be painted in September

More lines were proposed for Glazier Drive at its junction with V8 Marlborough Street, at the entrance to Dyers Mews, Fletchers Mews, Bowyers Mews, Carvers Mews, Cutlers Mews, Taylors Mews, Barbers Mews, Gilders Mews and Founders Mews, and at the redway crossing point opposite Dyers Mews.

MK Council said at the time: "The proposed waiting restrictions come as a result of road safety concerns due to parked vehicles which are causing obstruction to pedestrians, motorists, refuse collections and emergency service vehicles at junction and crossing points within Neath Hill."

In March this year, the Citizen reported that not one of the lines had been painted.

This week however, following pressure from local parish councillor David Stabler, the council has given date of September or the work to be completed.

The legal statutory documentation is currently being drafted now with the aim of being published in six to eight weeks. There will then be a period of 21 days in which formal representations can be presented.

An Mk Council spokesman said: "The process to install double yellow lines can be lengthy as there are public and statutory consultation periods to follow that will allow for comments from residents, transport operators, emergency services and other affected road users.

“This has been particularly difficult over the last two years as we have worked around social distancing restrictions too.”