All About Animals Column: Meeting the vets who take care of television and film star animals

Meeting the vet who is on the set of the television series' and movies involving animals.

By Hayley OKeeffe
Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 3:13 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 3:14 pm

It's been all about prison this week for The Animal News Agency!

We have been working to tell the story of the brilliant Restart Dog project, which gives puppies a head start, as well as help to rehabilitate inmates in a young offenders institution.

For our story we spoke to the people going to the prison, to deliver iPET Network qualifications to the young offenders, and met the puppies who are taking part.

Vet On Set

It really was inspiring to find out how the young men are turning their lives around, to help train the puppies to be assistance dogs in the future.

Singing the praises of unsung heroes is a big part of what The Animal News Agency does, and we hope that our stories bring a bit of smile to the faces of the people who read them too.

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We have a website too Meeting the vets who take care of star animals

This week The Animal News Agency met up with a pioneering veterinary nurse who is on a mission to ensure that animal stars are well cared for.

Rachel Bean RVN, who is a practicing qualified veterinary nurse and canine behaviour advisor has co-founded 'Vet On Set' with Animal Direction founder Davinia Hamilton-Maddox; a service for TV and filmmakers which monitors the welfare of animals before, during and after shoots.

Vet On Set goes behind the scenes of popular TV shows, Films and TV commercials, ensuring that Clearcast guidance on animal welfare is maintained, and that all performing animals are looked after.

Rachel, who has personally overseen a string of adverts and worked on TV shows including Judge Rinder, and taking care of the famous Coronation Street cat, said: "Vet on Set is a new premise which is a one stop shop for all productions which need an animal to be on screen.

"Vet on Set works with a nationwide network of practising and retired veterinarians, RVNs and animal trainers and behaviourists, which means we have access to a broad range of skills to ensure the right professional attends and monitors each production."

Clearcast, the body responsible for clearing ads for broadcast in the UK, states that it is a strongly advised requirement to have a qualified Veterinarian or Veterinary Nurse to be present during the filming of animals for a commercial production.

“Our mission is to encourage this to become compulsory across all media productions, including photography and online videos” continues Rachel.

To find out more about Vet On Set go to your paws

A microchipping database which pulls out all the stops if your beloved pet goes missing is launching in the UK.

Track Your Paws is the brainchild of dog and horse breeder Oliver Gibney, who believes that there are too many loopholes in traditional pet microchipping, putting barriers in the way of having your dog or cat safely returned if they are lost or stolen.

Oliver's Track Your Paws service, includes a 24/7 manned phone line, assistance from pet detectives and ongoing efforts from the service to stamp out national loopholes which could put pets and owners at risk.

Oliver said: "The primary objective of all of these databases should be to keep pets safe, and to return them to their owners if they are lost or stolen. This is not about money for me, it's about creating a system which completely works for pets and their owners, and protects them against the heartbreak of being separated."

Track Your Paws is also looking for Buckinghamshire pet professionals, including dog groomers to register as Track Your Paws implanters.

Unlike other firms Track Your Paws does not charge implanters for microchips, meaning a significant saving for anyone wishing to expand an existing pet service business.

To find out more about Track Your Paws, and to register your interest in becoming an implanter go to