Anonymous resident goes the extra mile to ensure Remembrance Day heroes are never forgotten in Milton Keynes town

She has knitted poppies and written biographies for every fallen soldier

By Sally Murrer
Tuesday, 2nd November 2021, 12:09 pm
Updated Tuesday, 2nd November 2021, 12:10 pm

A knitter who wishes to stay anonymous has created poignant personalised tributes for each of her town's fallen heroes.

The woman, who goes under the name of 'Eh Oop Flowers' has this week hidden special 'Remember Me' poppies all over Bletchley and Fenny Stratford for people to find.

Each perfect flower is pinned to a card bearing a name picked from the town's war memorial. And inside the card is hand-written details of the hero's life and what he did for his country.

A Remember Me poppy

" A name stands out and a story is ready to be told. If you see one, it’s yours to take and to remember your found hero," said the knitter.

"I’d like to think that people will be touched by these," she added. "If you see more than one, please consider leaving them for others to find so more people can connect with the past sacrifices and the service these brave ones gave for our tomorrows."

‘Eh Oop Flower’ has also created a net of 300 crocheted poppies to be placed on the war memorial in Bletchley's Queensway.

It consists of red poppies to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives in World War One and conflicts that followed, and black poppies to represent African and Caribbean communities' contribution to the war effort - both as servicemen and women and as civilians.

The Remember Me poppies have this week been hidden around town

There are also purple poppies to remember animals that have been victims of war.

The first poppy Eh Oop Flower made was to commemorate the centenary of the death of her great uncle

While she was placing the poppy at the war memorial, a little boy was looking out of a window at Knowles school, wondering what she was doing,

She realised he and other children would not know really what had happened all those years ago - and she launched the Remember Me project to bring history to life for them.

A Remember Me poppy

If you find a Remember Me poppy one, please acknowledge it on the Eh Oop Flower Facebook page.

A hand-written notes describes each fallen hero