Another stabbing in Milton Keynes less than 24 hours after double murder

Another young man has been stabbed in Milton Keynes, less than 24 hours after two boys were killed by knives at a house party.

Monday, 21st October 2019, 12:34 am
Greenleys MK

The latest stabbing took place in Haywards Croft on Greenleys at around 8.30pm on Sunday. It is not yet known if the two incidents are linked.

The victim was stabbed in the upper arm and the injury was fortunately not life-threatening.

A member of the public helped him and stemmed the bleeding until paramedics arrived.


Afterwards she posted on social media urging for young people to be taught what to do in the first few vital minutes after a stabbing.

She wrote: "Personally although we cannot stop this madness on our streets we can however do something. Schools/parents need to be teaching the kids what to do medical wise if they're with someone who is stabbed... The first few minutes after a stabbing is literally critical."

She added: "If that knife tonight had been an inch or two either way I would of been fighting to save that boy's life in his kitchen in front of his family.

"First aid has gone out of the window in schools. It needs to be brought back. Lobby your schools, get your kids onto a first aid course..or get an app on their phones. Every second afterwards is vital."

Police officers and the police helicopter were out in force in Greenleys searching for the offender.

The drama came less than 24 hours after the double tragedy in Emerson Valley, when a private house party for teenagers turned into carnage with two 17-year-old boys stabbed to death and two more guests injured with knives.

It has prompted an outcry on social media, with most people calling for stiffer penalties for any young person caught carrying a knife.

The two teenagers who lost their lives have been named locally as close friends Ben Gillham-Rice and Dom Ansah.