Asda to launch 'cash and carry' bulk buy facility in Milton Keynes

Customers can save money by buying large quantities

Tuesday, 10th August 2021, 2:20 pm

Asda is to launch a cash and carry-style 'Deal Depot' within its Bletchley superstore.

Deals available will include 1.75 litres of gin for £59.99 and four litres of ice cream for £2.50 .

There will also be savings on giant packs of popular branded items such as Nicky Elite toilet rolls, Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets and large boxes of crisps.

Asda's Deal Depot

MK is one of 10 Asda stores across the UK selected for a year's trial of the cash-and-carry concept.

Initially one complete aisle in the store will be set aside for the bulk buy deals and savings will include 11p per wash on dishwasher tablets and 25p per can on 24 packs of Dr Pepper, say store bosses.

The store also plans to make a selection of bulk buy products available online for customers receiving home shopping deliveries.