Bad roundabout habits from drivers in Milton Keynes cause heated debate on social media

A diagram showing how people in MK make mistakes at roundabouts has revved up a frenzy on social media.

By Sally Murrer
Thursday, 28th July 2022, 1:21 pm

The popular Milton Keynes Moan Facebook page this week published a diagram from a man showing which lanes drivers SHOULD use when they navigate the many city’s roundabouts.

One wag immediately doctored the diagram to show how some motorists actually tackle the roundabouts, cutting up other drivers in the process.

"I’ve just redrawn this map with MK roundabout experiences from idiots, mostly in pimped up Corsas,” he said.

Is this the MK way of doing roundabouts?

A third driver posted another version showing driver ignoring the road markings completely and going straight across the roundabout.

Readers agreed and posted dozens of moans about the bad driving habits they’ve witnessed while navigating the city’s 130 plus roundabouts.

“The most common one is that the blue car will probably just take a straight line and cut the red car up,” said one driver.

"And for the love of god indicate left when you exit,” said another. “ So annoying when people are still indicating right making me wait unnecessarily.”

Even worse...

Some roundabouts, particularly three laners, are worse than others for mistakes, it was decided.

Try the roundabout by McDonald’s on the A5. Every time I use that roundabout someone gets it wrong. The signs clearly state what lane to use but I guess nobody looks at those,” posted one driver.

"What about the ‘roundabout’ where B&Q used to be in Bletchley... Whoever came up with that one needs their bumps felt.. And don't get me started about traffic lights on roundabouts...” said another.

Tell us your experiences of roundabouts in MK.

And finally, the correct way to tackle a roundabout...