Boris Johnson vows action over knife crime epidemic in Milton Keynes

The Prime Minister has vowed to put more bobbies on the beat to tackle rising knife crime in Milton Keynes - but admits there is "no single fix" to the epidemic.

Friday, 25th October 2019, 4:49 pm

Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with Milton Keynes Hospital staff and chief executive Joe Harrison before giving his thoughts on several key issues affecting the city.

When asked about a staggering rise in knife crime, and the double murder of two teenage boys in Milton Keynes, Mr Johnson admitted there was "no single fix".

He told the Citizen: ""The way to do it is not simple, we've got to be very very determined and of course stop and search is part of it.

Boris meeting patients and staff at Milton Keynes University Hospital

"That's why we're putting 700 more police officers in this area, and 20,000 all across the country.

Police enhanced stop and search powers in the Campbell Park area yesterday following the double murder in Emerson Valley on Saturday night.Mr Johnson added: "Last time I had to mount a major knife crime campaign we did beat it, but it took a huge amount of effort.

"It was over 11 years when I took over in London and we had a very similar epidemic going on in the country and in our city.

"And we got it down by about 50 per cent and reduced the number of kids that were dying.

"It's about engaging with the kids and showing there is better pathways for their lives instead of getting into gangs."

The Prime Minister has been struggling to reach an agreement with European leaders over the terms of Britain's exit with the EU.

But said in the event of the UK crashing out without a deal, he personally promised that Milton Keynes patients would be able to get their medicine.

"We can certainly make that guarantee. You'd heard what the Health Secretary Matt Hancock and I'm sure everyone will get their medicine," Boris said.

"I don't think we're gonna get a no-deal Brexit as we've got a great deal, and I hope parliament will approve that deal. Unfortunately they've then voted for a delay.

"The whole thing is gonna be spun out I fear. That's why I'm saying to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party, come on folks, we've got a great deal, if you want time to debate it fine have more time but let's for heavens sake give the public the confidence in Parliament."

"The only believable deadline in British politics in a general election.

"We've in a ridiculous position now waiting for Brussels to decide because of this surrender act that was passed."

Hours later EU ambassadors agreed to delay Brexit, but will not make a decision on a new deadline date until next week.

The European Commission said work on this would "continue in the coming days".

Mr Johnson says he wants to hold an early general election on December 12, if the EU offers a Brexit delay until January 31.