A bottle of Bolly, a 5ft gingerbread man and a collection of Grease outfits are just some of the weirdest things left in Milton Keynes hotel rooms

Where would you find a 5ft gingerbread man, Grease outfits, a stamp collection, personalised number plate and vintage champagne?

Friday, 3rd January 2020, 4:11 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd January 2020, 4:13 pm

Where else, but Travelodge’s Lost & Found office in Milton Keynes, of course.

Today, the budget hotel brand has revealed some of the more interesting items left behind by guests during the last 12 months at the its four hotels in the Milton Keynes area.

* A vintage bottle of Bollinger champagne

A bottle of Bollinger

* A personalised number plate

* A 5ft gingerbread man

* A box of 70’s records

* A collection of outfits from Grease

Gingerbread men

* A Versace umbrella

* 12 boxes of wedding cup cakes

* A Wendy house

* A telescope

* A 40-year-old stamp collection

Interestingly this year’s Travelodge’s lost and found company inventory report has revealed a growing trend in wedding props, wedding attire and even a best man being left behind at its hotels.

The housekeeping team at Leamington Spa got a beautiful surprise to find a 5ft unicorn made out of flowers occupying one of the bridal group party rooms. The team at the Liverpool John Lennon Airport hotel found a huge full silver moon taking 40 winks on its bed. The full silver glitter moon was a photograph back drop attraction at a guest’s wedding the night before.

One forgetful guest staying at London City Travelodge forgot to pack the Tiffany engagement ring he had placed in his pillowcase case. The guest had made a special journey to London from the Hebrides to buy the ring. Luckily the hotel manager found the ring box as soon as the guest left the hotel and speedily managed to get to Heathrow Airport and reunite the gentleman with the engagement ring before his flight.

The hotel manager at Torquay was put through his paces when he found a best man who had overslept and been left behind by the wedding party. The manager literally had less than an hour to arrange a sea tractor and get him to Burgh Island for his brother’s wedding.

During the last 12 months, Travelodge hotel staff has seen a growing trend in forgetful pet owners. One guest staying at Stratford-Upon-Avon forgot her pair of Alpacas called Ant & Dec. While one cat show enthusiast staying at the Stirling hotel thought her husband had placed her treasured Persian Chinchilla cat, Angel, into the car and only realised she was still in the room - 50 miles into their journey. I bet they weren't feline great about that one.